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Supergood's motorbike rides for Autism

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The ride out's started back in 2016 with a few friends supported by The Cafe Racer store & Triumph Woburn by the fabulous Paul Hinchilffe. 

The following year, 2017 was the first large ride with 25 supporting marshals & 2 super rider leaders, again supported by The Cafe Racer store for the Brighton ride & Legacy 1885 for our first borenmouth based ride.



Following my son being diagnosed with a rare chromosome deletion (Autism) in 2012 I found it quite hard to process, what it all meant for him and what we would need to put in place to support him & what support we could get. I used to go out for rides to clear my head when things were tough, one tricky day post the first autism ride I had an accident outside the super sausage cafe and ended up with a broken collar bone plus a written off Triumph sprint.

I thought this period would be very hard being off work and having to look after myself as well as the kiddo, but it was amazing!

I got to do the school drop off & pick, as well as going to the park each day and building a super relationship that I hadn't had before, it was magic and gave me great focus after the accident. I also got myself a Triupmh bonneville and just wanted to start a bigger ride so that I could meet more like minded riders.     

The first ride in 2016 was from the Cafe Racer store in Brighton, working our way up to the Ace Cafe in London.

We decided to ride the route the opposite way round to support a different way of thinking.

With a small group of 15 or so bikes, the support of the National Autistic Society & the fabulous team at The cafe racer we got things off the ground. 

we raised a SUPERGOOD £1.5k for the National Autistic society.


With the amazing support of so many people in the biking community, personal friends & the generosity of the sponsors I have also managed to design and produce a small selection of clothing to help create awareness by wearing them see the #supergoodontour page 


In 2018 we raised £4.7K

2019 we raised £6.5K for the National Autistic society. 


Fast forward a few years, a move north for myself & the family we are now 3 rides strong.

LEEDS / YORK to Bridlington

BRIGHTON to Loomies

Bournemouth to Loomies

Thanks to the support & sponsorship of all the riders, marshal's and the sponsors

Monstermesh UK, HCOMM, The cafe race, legacy 1885 & BIKERPICS 





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Want to show your support for Autism awareness ?
We have a range of products kindly donated by Monstermeshuk.
All purchases create a donation to the National Autistic society, see the donation shop for more info


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