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Firstly, thank you for joining the Brighton Autism ride. I really appreciate you joining me for the ride out and making a donation.

At the bottom of the page is the terms of the ride, please take a moment to read these to ensure you are happy, these cover of the basic elements of a road-legal bike and risks

1. Your ticket is a donation for the National Autistic Society & the Wave project my 2 chosen charities.  


The money is donated straight away via the Just giving pages -  check out the links below to see the donations total I will look to call out as many people as possible but as I have 2 boys to look after as well apologies if I don't get the chance, I am not meaning to be disrespectful of your donation.


Depending on the ticket you have purchased you may have donated for a T-shirt or a Hoodie, you will be able to collect these on the day of the ride. Please note I have spare sizes so if you need to change your size I will do my best to support that on the day.

If you would like your T-shirt or Hoodie delivered before the ride then I can do this for a small charge, please contact me @ and I will be able to arrange this.

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8AM  - I will be set up for you to collect your T-shirt and check-in* if you want to.

*You can then go for breakfast & the loo and be back ready for the ride.  



The ride will finish at the West Meon pub carpark

If you choose to ride over to Loomies that is not a problem but we will finish the main ride at the pub. 

10AM the ride leaves



Please remember to fill up before leaving the start point,  the ride is around 60 miles and requires a full tank for smaller bikes, check out the map below to see your nearest petrol station.

Petrol location the cafe racer.png

2. The route is subject to small changes to ensure the route is ride is safe a manageable.  

the idea is to ride the coastline first for a short period to create maximum impact and then ride up towards Loomies

  • The marshals will leave first to spot the corners ahead of the pace bike. please look out for the pink t-shirt marshals

  • We will be pulling in at 2 or 3 selected spots to keep the ride together.. Please remember this is a slow charity ride and through will not run at a fast pace.

  • All 125 riders & those that are not confident riders MUST ride at the front of the ride behind the pace bike as the speed of the ride is much better at the front for new riders.

use this link to access the map or view below to zoom in and out.


The cafe racer will be putting on Coffee and Tea again this year at the start which is super. Thanks to Phil and the team for this.   


Due to Covid still being present I will need your help to use public toilets if you are local

I will do my best to provide a portaloo or 2 for the start of the ride for those travelling a long way but I cannot confirm this until closer to the time.


By registering to ride on the BRIGHTON SUPERGOODBFA ride event (hereinafter refered to as BRIGHTON SUPERGOODBFA) you agree to the following terms and conditions. Should you not agree to the following terms the founder will reimburse you (upon application) for any initial donation made.

As far as reasonably practicable the organiser of the SUPERGOODBFA has taken into account all risks associated with the charity ride and has reduced them to as low as possible to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants in the event.

All participants of the BRIGHTON SUPERGOODBFA do so at their own risk, acknowledging the risks associated with riding a motorcycle as driver or passenger on a public road.

All participants are responsible for their own actions and for adhering to current UK traffic-related legislation. You must hold valid insurance to ride the motorcycle that you use on the BRIGHTON SUPERGOODBFA and ensure it has a valid MOT (if eligible).

As a BRIGHTON SUPERGOODBFA participant you agree you release and discharge and agree not to take legal action against any person connected with the management of the Event, including any volunteers from any and all losses, liabilities, costs, claims and causes of action including, but not limited to any accident, any personal injury, death or property loss or any other foreseeable consequence resulting directly or indirectly from or in any manner arising out of, or in connection with your participation in the BRIGHTON SUPERGOODBFA

You specifically acknowledge that riding a motorcycle is a dangerous activity with obvious risks and that you are riding a motorcycle at your own risk.

You understand that riding a motorcycle involves risks that may cause various injuries and that such injuries may result in death or serious disability. You also understand that riding a motorcycle can be physically demanding and that in susceptible people riding a motorcycle may induce additional risks.

You acknowledge that that there are key risks that may be associated with participating in any motorcycle ride at any time and for any reason include the risks of injury arising from;

* the malfunction of a motorcycle resulting in an incident or accident.
* failing to wear appropriate personal protective equipment or wearing inappropriate personal protective equipment.
* any collision with another vehicle or with any stationary object.
* any accident caused by riding a motorcycle in unsuitable, inclement or dangerous weather conditions.
* riding a motorcycle while intoxicated through the consumption of any substance resulting in an accident or incident.
* riding a motorcycle at a speed that it inappropriate or dangerous for the road conditions cycle or otherwise exceeding the speed limit applicable to the road in the jurisdiction or altering your speed where you are riding a motorcycle whether to reduce the distance between your motorcycle and another motorcycle rider or for any other reason.
*deliberate or unexpected incursion by motorists into the road where you are riding a motorcycle or into a group of riders of which you are one.

*That you are legally eligible, competent, and proficient in riding a motorcycle.

*Whilst wearing the T-shirts or Hoodies you represent the SUPERGOODBFA brand and therefore please ride safely and within the national speed restrictions.  

* Please be supportive & kind, some of the riders are Autistic and may need additional support or patience from you.

You give permission for the use of your photograph useless requested, and that of anyone under the age of 18 under your control, to be used in conjunction with suitable BRIGHTON SUPERGOODBFA promotional activity.

Should you not agree to (or feel you can comply with) the above conditions you must stress that you should NOT participate in a BRIGHTON SUPERGOODBFA event or please contact me with your concerns via my email  and I will do my best to support your questions

Kindest Regards


Paul Brackstone