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Updated: Jul 26, 2021


I'm a proud Dad of four kids two boys & two girls, my eldest boy and youngest girl are both Autistic, our days are by no means like a average family but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Our family trips out can be challenging but we try to make the most of them unfortunately on some occasions we are faced with negativity by some people that don't understand our family, this can sometimes be upsetting since just because our boy and girl don't have a physical disability they can presume they are just naughty children.

our children sometimes struggle massively with anxieties and can become very overwhelmed in certain situations. As parents we are both extremely proud of all our children and how they support each other on a day to day basis.

the bike is to promote Autism Awareness, to get people talking about Autism, what needs are required for the future for our children to succeed as adults & to have a fulfilling life's.

The bike number 12 is the year of my boys birthday and also the day of my daughters birthday, the jigsaw is a well known symbol for Autism

. . . It’s part of a unit. place each puzzle piece to create a Unity, a coming Together. Many pieces as one.

I would personally like to thank the following people, Paul Supergood Bikers for Autism - Brighton to Loomies and Alan #fireitupforautism for there support hence there two logos on the bike

Del and Levi Sublime Designs for taking this project on and going the extra mile to get the bike exactly how we wanted it, so be sure to look them up for all your bike, helmet and boot designs its worth the journey, also National Autistic Society for the fantastic work and support they do every day.

@the_real_lanzante for allowing us to take the photos at there showroom. Lastly but the most my Wife who has had a difficult time but goes above and beyond on a daily basis supporting our family.

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